hotel & vacation website.

a dear secret

Hotel owner

Wordpress, HTML, CSS

May 2019

A hotel & vacation πŸ‘’ website for two different properties in Greece 🌞 Three apartments, two locations, one website, zero trouble.

hotel vacation website.

a dear secret

CLIENT: Hotel owner

TECH: Wordpress, HTML, CSS

RELEASE: May 2019

A hotel & vacation πŸ‘’ website for two different properties in Greece 🌞 Three apartments, two locations, one website, zero trouble.


double standards of excellence

The owner of two hotels, a boutique apartment house in Corfu and a holiday house in Parga, Greece, has chosen silentforce. to create a website for her vacation business. Two houses, two locations, two totally different characters, but unique top quality.

In building her portfolio website we used an all-in-one approach:

  • Design & Development
  • Copy & SEO
  • Content Upload
  • Customization
  • Facebook Ads

hospitality and booking website.

Greece is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. And in all of Greece two destinations are among the most popular. In both of them our client is fortunate enough to run her accommodation business. Owner of two houses, collector of antiques, decorator of boutique apartments, and hostess of your dream vacations.

With only minimal presence on the web via Facebook and Instagram accounts created by herself, our client wanted to open up to the world and bring her online presence to the next level. Even more so since her small hotel business attracts clients from all over the world.

a modern web environment

for two traditional lodges.

website construction.

The website is fully responsive and accessible from every device, available in 2 languages from day-one. Based on WordPress and further enhanced with CSS, it is easy to administer and maintain.

digital ads.

Having to compete against huge advertising budgets of major hotel chains, our ads landed on the desired audience and delivered leads that turned into clients, maximizing ROI and effectiveness.

social media.

No brand is complete without presence on relevant social media. We created business accounts in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest, and managed the content, when needed.

colour scheme.

We had to combine the two different characters of the two locations into one website. Both apartments are decorated with taste and attention to detail. Our colour scheme brings out the nostalgic elements of the two boutique hotels. At the same time they invoke a sense of old-time-ness.







our favourite secret revealed

honest branding, effective marketing.

Investing in truth pays up in the long-run. Caro Segreto & Cozy House was an interesting project.

It became a successful one too, only because the client followed our advice and opened up to the world.

If you’re searching for your dream vacations in Greece, search no more. Pay a visit to the website of Caro Segreto & Cozy House and let the boutique hotels reveal their secrets to you.